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Insights and Analytics

Data-Driven Insights to Optimize Your Reselling Strategy

  • check_circleOur event scoring system helps you decide which tickets to buy and resell for maximum profit.
  • check_circleMonitor market data and trends to identify patterns and make data-driven decisions.

An expert community for ticket resellers.

Connect with seasoned professionals and gain valuable insights to maximize your profits.

  • check_circleGet ahead of the game with our exclusive tools and information.
  • check_circleStay up-to-date with our daily posts featuring the latest news, insights, presales, and trends.

Make informed decisions using market data.

Leverage Charts, Maps, and Graphs for Strategic Event Prospecting

  • check_circleAnalyze venue layouts, seating information, and other vital event information to make informed pricing decisions
  • check_circleEnhance your strategy using graphs, maps, and other insightful data tools to analyze market trends and pricing dynamics.
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Leverage powerful data-driven insights and comprehensive analytics to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and enhance your ticket reselling success.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive tailored, real-time updates on crucial market changes, empowering you to act swiftly and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Detailed Guides

Gain valuable insights with in-depth guides focused on ticket reselling techniques, market trends, and proven strategies to boost your success in the industry.

News & Trends

Stay ahead with real-time updates on industry developments, emerging trends, and expert analysis to drive informed business decisions.


Unlike other tools in the market that come with hefty price tags, our platform offers affordability without compromising on quality. Maximize your ticket reselling success at a fraction of the cost.

24/7 Support

Rely on dedicated, knowledgeable support from our team to address your concerns, troubleshoot issues, and optimize your usage of the platform.

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“ Overall fantastic product. Very clean and informative interface, straightforward, user-friendly. It's a top quality product that provides immediate value to users of any experience level. Highly-recommended! ”


“ This group has by far the most comprehensive data and info to follow and keep up with the many shows that come up every week. Very useful as a guide to see what one should invest their money into instead of going in blind. Highly recommend. ”


“ TicketGenius is a game-changing app that allows me to track profitable events effortlessly. The built in news and Picks has allowed me to secure profit on events that would've otherwise flown under my radar. ”


“ When I joined TicketGenius, I had no idea it was this good. So many features for ticket resellers that I thought about before, but never got anywhere else. So many useful tools and information to take your game to the next level. I would highly recommend this to anyone in this business. ”


“ I highly recommend this ticket broker group to anyone in search of a reliable and trustworthy service. Their professionalism, extensive ticket selection, and exceptional customer support truly exceeded my expectations. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to attend an unforgettable event, and I will definitely turn to them for all my future ticket needs. ”


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